Apple Saving Data to iCloud Without User Permission!

Security Researchers found Apple saving data to iCloud without user consent! Apple’s iCloud has been receiving a lot of negative press recently. There was the well publicized, infamous celebrity photo hacking incident, and then in late October, the Chinese government launched a cyberattack against iCloud users.

Now this – According to a Guardian report on Tuesday, “security researcher Jeffrey Paul upgraded the operating system on his MacBook Pro last week, he discovered that several of his personal files had found a new home – on the cloud. The computer had saved the files, which Paul thought resided only on his own encrypted hard drive, to a remote server that Apple controls.” Paul explains how he discovered the change in OSX in a blog post.

An updates to Paul’s original post says Apple is also storing email addresses to iCloud

“It would appear that iCloud is synchronizing all of the email addresses of people you correspond with, even for non-iCloud accounts, to their recent addresses service,” Paul said. “This means that names and email addresses that are not in iCloud contacts, not synchronized to your device, and only available in an IMAP-accessed inbox are now being sent to Apple, silently.”

The Guardian said Apple did not reply to a request for comment about Paul’s blog post or the issues he raised. But anyway, it is clear that more and more discussions are going to happen in coming days. We hope Apple will take this matter seriously and hopefully will find a solution very soon.


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