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Exited to know Windows 9/10 Release date? Microsoft skipped Windows 9 and gone straight to Windows 10. There is no Windows 9 because 7-8-9 ( 7 ate 9 )

Windows 9/10 Release date

Exited to know Windows 9 Release date? Well.. The truth is -There is no Windows 9! It turns out that Microsoft may have skipped Windows...
If you are a web host or someone providing web hosting services, you should get a .HOST domain. It'll make your business more recognizable and marketable.

Register and Buy your .HOST Domain Today!

Are you are webhost? Do you have a .HOST Domain name? .HOST is the new, open gTLD for the Web Hosting community. .HOST extension...
What are the Importance of having a responsive web design? We can use HTML5, responsive design and that can change the layout and size for all screen sizes.

Importance of having a responsive web design

Have you heard about the recent study conducted by Restive LLC - State of the Mobile Web? Google was one of the research partner....

Google slashes Google Drive pricing

Yes it's official and it's true. Google slashes Google Drive pricing as low as $1.99 for 100GB. This is crazy and seems now Dropbox...