Windows 9/10 Release date

Exited to know Windows 9 Release date? Well.. The truth is -There is no Windows 9! It turns out that Microsoft may have skipped Windows 9 and gone straight to 10.

While we’re not completely sure why Microsoft chose to skip a version number, we are certain that Windows 10 in its current form looks great. The software company is aiming to bring the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8 together in a single package, a plan that has the potential of working wonders.

In addition, we understand that Windows 10 will also scale to the small screen, so the next-generation operating system for the Microsoft smartphone and tablet division will run Windows 10. It’s all in the plan of merging everything together to have a single operating system that is able to scale for every screen size.

We’ve heard about such plans from several companies in the past, including Microsoft, but at this moment, none has managed to make it work. It appears now that Microsoft has figured it would, and is working hard to bring it to the consumer market.

Windows 10, according to Microsoft, will be available by late 2015. There will also be something called the Windows Insider Program where fans can go to, hopefully, give Windows 10 a spin in alpha or beta mode.



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