Certified System Administrators

Well experienced techs with professional certifications.

Are you looking for a qualified and certified Linux or Windows admin? You are in the right place. Our talented groups of techs hold certification from cPanel, Plesk, Cisco, RedHat, Amazon Web Services ( AWS ).etc
  • 100% of our techs are cPanel certified, 80% are RedHat certified, 90% our techs are Engineering Graduates. We also have many techs with certifications from Parallels, Cisco, AWS, Microsoft and many others. So if you are looking for certified system administrators, then you are in the right place.
  • Most of the techs have past work experience with some of the big names in the web hosting industry.
  • We do have a panel of well experienced QA ( Quality Assurance ) Admins to train and teach our techs. These QA admins will actively monitor the ticket replies, resolution, chat histories.. etc of our techs and will create individual and each team’s performance reports each week. They provide feedback and additional training based on these reports.
  • Each shift also has a Shift Admin to manage and monitor the shift members. These Shift Admins will make sure each shift member is doing their best and the guaranteed response time and resolution time is met for each ticket and chats.
  • So that means all your customers and your business is safe with us. We are true professionals with years of experience in hosting industry and we know how to make a customer happy. We are not just fixing the issues for your customer, we will make sure they are satisfied with the support and will make sure they are always happy with your business. Happy customers mean more business, more sales, and more profit!

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