Disadvantages of Outsourcing Web Hosting Support

Web Hosting Technical Support Outsourcing Pros and Cons!

Outsourcing Web Hosting Support is a good choice for your web hosting business and it does have many advantages. But it also has some disadvantages as well. So what are the outsourcing pros and cons? You may already know about the advantages so let’s talk about some of the main disadvantages of outsourcing web hosting support services and server management operations. We will also show you why these disadvantages won’t affect ServerHealers.
Pros and Cons Outsourcing IT Services-Quality Issues

Quality Issues

Most outsourced web hosting support companies may not be driven by same missions and standards that you or your company following. Outsourcing support to these companies may cause serious issues with your business. So before choosing your support partner, make sure you discuss everything with them and check if they are following similar business standards and quality.

Why you won’t face Quality Issues with ServerHealers?

When you purchase a plan from us our management team will arrange a meeting. This is to understand all your requirements and quality standards you are following. We will then pass these details to our team and will work according to your missions, standards and will fulfill all the quality requirements.

Hidden Charges

You may see some companies offering services for a very low price. So without thinking twice, you may go for these plans and later will realize there are some other hidden costs and charges other than the price offering in their product page. Most of the companies will charge you additional setup fees, transaction charges, tax..etc So make sure you talk with them and understand what other charges you need to pay other that the product’s basic price.

There are no Hidden Charges if you are purchasing from ServerHealers!

The price showing in our product pages are final and there are no other charges.

Pros and Cons Outsourcing IT Services-Hidden Charges
disadvantages of outsourcing web hosting support-Managerial Control

Less or No Managerial Control

You are outsourcing your support and server management works to another company. So that outsourced company will be managing and controlling your entire support department. Most outsourced support companies won’t let you control these support operations or you may only get very less managerial control. So before purchasing an outsourced server management or support plan, discuss and understand what managerial control options you will get.

You can manage and control your techs at ServerHealers

Most of our support plans will let you control and manage your Techs like your in-house office staffs. So that means you won’t face such issues with ServerHealers.

Confidentiality and Security Issues

If you are outsourcing technical support and customer support works that mean they will know details about your customers, servers and how your business works..etc So there is a risk that the security and confidentiality may be compromised. Double check the outsourcing company to make sure your data is protected.

100% Confidentiality and Security with ServerHealers

We can 100% guarantee confidentiality and security of your data and servers. We know each of our techs in person and everyone working for us is qualified, certified and experienced. If that is not enough you can discuss with our management team for a Security and Confidentiality agreement. Your data is safe with us.

disadvantages of outsourcing web hosting support-Confidentiality and Security

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