About Us

We are professionals who have the expertise, skills, and work experience from all different areas of the web hosting and the cloud industry.
Together, we are ServerHealers!

About Us

Our founders and executive members have years of work experience in the cloud and the web hosting industry as customer support executives, virtualization/cloud admins, quality analysis, escalation managers, infrastructure specialists, advising board members, etc. One thing we all have in common is enormous love and passion for the support, cloud, and web hosting industry.

After years of working in the web hosting and the cloud industry, we wanted to do something on our own, our own business. So after considering our areas of expertise, passion, and experience working with all areas of the cloud and the web hosting business, we started ServerHealers. So that we can continue working with cloud companies, web hosting service providers, and server owners around the world, and with our expertise and experience, we can provide them all the help and services they need to grow and succeed.

We knew that there is a window of opportunity for a perfect and trustworthy web hosting support, cloud, and server management company. We knew what is exactly wrong with the existing companies doing similar business because some of us have work experience with a few of them, and we also knew how to correct and do it better.

We also always make time to discuss and listen to our customer’s needs and requirements. Doing this will help us provide them with the right plans and solutions and also help us grow as a company. From the time you signup for a plan with us, we are partners. We listen to you, and we also give you suggestions and ideas, and together we can grow!

With us, you’ll get more than just support services. Our tagline – “We Heal Servers, Clouds, and Your Business!” and this is how we do it. We heal your servers and also have the skills to heal all your cloud platforms, and by doing that, we will heal your business, which will result in business growth!

There are two ways to succeed in doing business.

  1. Invent and introduce something new. It must be unique and very needed for the industry that you are representing.
  2. You can do the same or similar business but do it way better than the existing one.

ServerHealers is a successful business, and our growth rate is going high without a drop year after year, and we come under both of the above categories. We introduced many services in the web hosting support industry, e.g., Managed OCI, Managed IBM Cloud, Web Hosting Content Writing Service, Forum/Blog Management Service, and many more. With that said, some of the services we are providing are not new, and there are companies providing similar services, eg., DevOps. But here are a few of our differences. 

  • Our products and services and procedures are more customer-friendly and easy to understand. 
  • Everything is transparent and no hidden fees or anything.
  • We always make sure your data is safe and protected. We also log and document what and how our staff handles your servers and data, which you can also validate whenever needed.
  • We give primary priority to passion towards this industry when we hire someone. Because our staffs are the backbone of our business, and we ensure they love what they are doing, and this is not just a job.


So, if we are beating all our competition and leading the industry, that means we are providing far better and exceptional service. We welcome you to try our service, see what you are missing and let’s work together to bring a positive change to your business.


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