Cloud Migration Services

We can provide cloud migration strategies and solutions to transfer your applications, workloads, databases, digital assets, and services to a single cloud platform or to a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environment.

Cloud Migration Services

Supported Cloud Migration Strategies

As per the first and original article published by Gartner, there are five most commonly used Cloud migration approaches known as “five R’s of migration.” In some articles, you can see a 6th strategy ( six R’s of migration ) called “Retain,” also known as “Revisit.” As the name says, it is a method of “Do nothing,” maybe because of compatibility issues with the cloud platforms or legacy applications, or compliance reasons. In this migration approach, it is recommended to “Revisit” later to re-evaluate the situation.

Rehosting  | Lift-and-Shift

Rehosting or most commonly known as lift-and-shift is the most widely used cloud migration strategy. In this method, we can help you migrate or “rehost” your existing app or workload to a cloud environment without changing the core architecture. Or, in other words – We will “lift” your codebase from your existing infrastructure and “shift” it to a cloud environment.

Revising | Replatforming

Replatforming or Revising cloud migration strategy is almost similar to Rehosting. But here, we might need to make slight code level changes to make the codebase compatible with the cloud platform or to leverage the cloud provider’s infrastructure’s features or services. As in the name – we will slightly “revise” the application to make it compactable with the cloud platform.

Refactoring | Re-architecting 

As the name indicates, we will completely re-architect the application to use the cloud-native features or managed cloud solutions in this method. You will be using the existing code but on the Cloud provider’s PaaS ( Platform-as-a-Service ) platform instead of IaaS ( Infrastructure-as-a-Service ) as in Rehosting strategy. You will be using the cloud provider’s tools, infra, and operating systems.

Replacing | Repurchasing

Replacing, Repurchasing or also known as the “drop and shop” strategy, is the method of replacing the existing codebase and applications with a cloud-native and vendor-packaged application. Our team can review your requirements and will let you know if moving to a SaaS ( Software-as-a-Service ) platform will help you solve your concerns rather than moving to a cloud computing provider.


Retiring, also known as “get rid of,” is a passive strategy as there is no migration. It’s a method to “get rid of” applications if they are no longer needed or not delivering any business benefit. We will be able to help you find out these applications at the initial stages of the migration review process. We can then discuss this, and with your permission, we can “retire” the applications if no longer needed.

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Cloud Migration Workflow

Please check our Windows on Cloud page, and there you can see the detailed cloud migration workflow that we are following. Migration workflow is the same for Windows, Linux, and all platforms.

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Cloud Migration Services | FAQ

Most frequently asked questions about our Cloud Migration Plan | Read more frequently asked questions

We support and have experience with all major cloud providers. Please check our menu to see all supported providers. Because of this, multi-cloud migration is something we can do with ease.

It’s part of our migration process. You will get 30 days post migration assistance and support.

Not just the proof of concept, our experts will clear all your doubts and concerns before the migration, and there is no cost for that.

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