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24x7 Professional Blog/Forum Moderation

This service is for you if you are a web hosting provider and have an active blog or forum but do not have time to manage all comments and posts you are getting or need professionals to handle all those for you with 24×7 coverage.

If you are a web host and then obviously, the blog and forums must have and discuss numerous technical queries. You will need a technically sound person to handle and provide solutions, which is why we are the best option available.

An active blog and forum are a great place to generate new leads and sales. If the moderator can handle the comments and visitor communication wisely, you can turn the visitors into paying customers. We can help you with that!

Blogs and Forums are the best way to prove your expertise regarding the services you are offering. But you also need a moderator who can provide technical and in-depth answers to visitor comments and queries to help establish authority.

Please start a live chat session if you have any doubts or concerns about our 24x7 blog/forum management services for web hosts.

Forum/Blog Moderation Cost Estimate

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24x7 Blog/Forum Moderation | FAQ

Most frequently asked questions about our Blog/Forum Moderation Service | Read more frequently asked questions

Average response time mentioned in our SLA  for this plan is 90 minutes. But for most cases, we’ll be able to provide the response within 60 minutes.

There are no limitations. We do support all forum and blog platforms.

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