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AWS Professional Services, Amazon EC2 Monthly Maintenance, & AWS Consulting Services for affordable rates. We can help you with your Amazon cloud transformation and build on AWS with full confidence.

AWS Consulting
Managed AWS Service

AWS professional service solutions from certified AWS cloud experts with affordable rates.

Monthly EC2 maintenance service with security scans, server updates, and monthly service reports.

24×7 EC2 monitoring service is part of our EC2 maintenance service with human response to alerts.

AWS Professional Services

Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) professional service solutions are for those looking for affordable but quality Amazon Web Services cloud transformation services. Our AWS consultants can provide solutions for all your small and complex AWS-related works, problems, and requirements. A few of the most frequent tasks that we handle as part of our AWS professional services solutions are listed below. Please send us a quote request if you are interested.

CI/CD Pipeline on AWS

Continuous integration and continuous delivery/deployment (CI/CD) pipeline on AWS will help you automate the software or application delivery process. We can help you achieve this with AWS CodePipeline service or other cloud agnostic tools such as Jenkins, GitHub, etc. You may please check our DevSecOps Services to know more about this service.

AWS Professional Services

AWS Cost Optimization

We can apply AWS cost optimization best practices to significantly reduce your cloud TCO ( total cost of ownership ). To know more about our AWS optimization strategies and workflow, please visit our Cloud Cost Optimization page.

AWS Migration and Transfer

Our AWS migration experts can help you migrate your workloads to AWS with confidence and with no or minimum downtime from on-premises or another cloud. Please check our Cloud Migration service page to know more about our migration service.

AWS Disaster Recovery & Backup

Designing and deploying a backup strategy or disaster recovery solution is more complicated than ever due to the aggressive growth and use of data and multi-cloud and similar technologies. Our AWS experts can review your current backup and DR strategies and make necessary changes to make them more efficient or introduce new practices and methods if required.

Windows on AWS

Are you looking for an experienced solution provider that can transfer your Windows workload to AWS? We provide Windows on AWS solutions, and we can do a "Lift-and-Shift" or other migration strategies as per your requirements and current Windows infrastructure setup. Please check our Windows on Cloud page to know more about this service and the detailed workflow.

Amazon ECS | Docker

Amazon Elastic Container Service or Amazon ECS is AWS's Docker equivalent managed container orchestration service. The benefit of using Amazon ECS over other containerization services is that it's highly integrated with the AWS cloud platform and AWS infrastructure technologies. We can assist you with your ESC setup and configurations. If you are looking for a cloud-agnostic containerization service, please take a look at our Docker Consulting service.

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service or Amazon EKS is a managed Kubernetes service with features such as automatic detection of unhealthy control plane nodes, 99.95% uptime SLA, automatic application scaling, automatic patch installation, etc. We can assist you with Amazon EKS, or if you want a platform-agnostic Kubernetes environment, please check our Kubernetes Consulting service.

AWS Cloud​Formation | Terraform

Infrastructure as Code or IaC solutions are getting popular day by day. We can help you transform your infrastructure provisioning strategy with AWS's own IaC tool called AWS CloudFormation, or please check our Terraform Consulting page if you are looking for a cloud-agnostic solution.

AWS Hybrid Cloud | Multicloud

We are in the era of Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud. Our experts can provide A-to-Z assistance if you are also looking for a solution to transform your AWS infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud or Multicloud strategies. Please check our Multicloud/Hybrid Cloud page to know more about this service.

Please contact us if you don't see your AWS requirement listed here, and our AWS Professional Services team will get back to you.

EC2 Monthly Maintenance Service

An advanced, cost-effective monthly AWS EC2 maintenance Service with 24×7 monitoring, security scans, patching, monthly reports, and more. Please check the list below to know why you should let us manage your EC2 instances.

24x7 EC2 Instance Uptime Monitoring.
24x7 EC2 Essential Services Monitoring.
Initial EC2 Instance Hardening.
Human Review & Response to Monitoring Alerts.
Monthly Detailed Monitoring Report.
Server Audit & Maintenance with Report.
EC2 Instance Patching & Updates.
Security, Vulnerability & Virus Scans.
24x7 EC2 Instance Uptime Monitoring.
24x7 EC2 Essential Services Monitoring.
Initial EC2 Instance Hardening.
Human Review & Response to Monitoring Alerts.
Monthly Detailed Monitoring Report.
Server Audit & Maintenance with Report.
EC2 Instance Patching & Updates.
Security, Vulnerability & Virus Scans.

24x7 EC2 Monitoring

SH monthly EC2 maintenance service also includes 24x7 monitoring. Our team will monitor your servers 24x7 to ensure maximum service availability & efficiency. We can also monitor your AWS infrastructure & services if required.

AWS Monitoring

AWS EC2 Maintenance Pricing

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AWS Consulting Services | FAQ

Most frequently asked questions about our AWS Professional Services and AWS Consulting plan | Read more frequently asked questions

Pricing depends on the task difficulty and the skills and resources required to complete the task. Please let us know your exact requirements, and we’ll get back to you with the pricing details.

Yes, you can. You can hire AWS engineers, DevSecOps Engineers from us, and we can help with any other staffing requirements. Please check our “Dedicated Staff” plan section.

It’s important because no server is secured by default. If it’s not for testing and if you are using it for production purposes, you must do server hardening before doing anything else. 

Note: Initial EC2 hardening is included in our Monthly EC2 Maintenance service.

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