Why Us? Why Choose ServerHealers

Here you can find our key success factors. These are points that separate us from the competitors. Keep reading, and this will also help you decide if we are the right support partner for you and why you should choose us.

Why Us, Features

Certified Administrators

We have a talented group of techs with certifications from almost all web hosting technologies and areas. If you are looking for certified web hosting experts and professionals, then you are in the right place. We are also one of the very first cPanel SafeAdmin Certified company. 100% of our techs are SafeAdmin Certified.

White Label Support

All of our support plans for the web hosting customers are fully white-label. Which means we can provide support plans and staffing solutions and your customers will never know that you are outsourcing support to us. Get all the perks of remote hands with your branding and amaze your customers with superior quality support!

Custom Support Plans

We have plans for everyone. But don't worry if you don't see a plan that matches your requirements. All you need to do is contact our sales team and let us know your exact requirements. We'll then get back to you with suggestions, or if required, we can create a new plan exclusively for you.

Response Time

Big screen dual monitors, 8GB RAM, SSD hard disks, and i3 processor are standard with all our workstations. We are also having high bandwidth leased line connections. We are using a custom lightweight Kubuntu OS and also using VMware virtualization for some teams. All our servers to switch connections are using 10GBps devices to avoid any bottlenecks. These are a few reasons and how we are providing support with the super-fast response time.

Service Availability

We have staffs working in three 8 hour shifts to ensure 24x7 service availability. We also have an uninterrupted power supply and an additional power backup. We have two high bandwidth leased line internet connections, using one as primary and other as a backup connection with auto-failover. Day or night, we always got you covered.

Check our about us page to know more about who we are, our mission, vision, and future. Start a live chat session if you need any assistance.