Virtuozzo Consulting

With our best-in-class Virtuozzo Consulting services, you can swiftly meet the digital transformation goals and create a high-Performance server virtualization infrastructure. Please click below and contact us to start your Virtuozzo journey.

Virtuozzo Consulting

Virtuozzo professional services from experienced Virtuozzo experts with affordable rates.

Monthly Virtuozzo maintenance service with pathing, updates, virus scans, and monitoring.

24×7 Virtuozzo Server uptime and service monitoring with human review and response to alerts.

Hire Virtuozzo Experts

Hire Virtuozzo Experts

Hire experienced Virtuozzo experts from us for your small or complex Virtuozzo virtualization projects or tasks and transform your business with confidence.

Virtuozzo Consulting | Professional Services

Build and transform your business with our Virtuozzo Consulting and Virtuozzo Professional Service solutions. Our Virtuozzo experts can help you leverage the full potential and features of the Virtuozzo server virtualization platform with cost-effective and reliable solutions designed for all types and sizes of businesses.

Choose Your Virtuozzo Support Plan

We are offering two different types of Virtuozzo support plans. The “Pro Service” is suitable if you are looking for Virtuozzo professional services or one-time services. You may choose the “Maintain & Monitor” plan if you want our experts to regularly update and secure your Virtuozzo server, including monitoring.

Pro Service

Right plan if you need our assistance with a one-time task or service and don't want a monthly subscription plan. Only pay for the task. Get special discounts for existing customers and for long-term projects.

Pay for the task. Subscription not needed.
Work Report After Task Completion.
Email and Chat Support Channels.
30 days after-sales support and assistance.
Get special discounts if existing customer.
Get Special Discounts for Long-term Projects.

Maintain & Monitor

Monthly Maintenance + 24x7 Host & Essential Services Monitoring





24x7 Virtuozzo Server Uptime Monitoring.
24x7 Virtuozzo Essential Services Monitoring.
Initial Virtuozzo Server Hardening.
Human Review & Response to Alerts.
Monthly Detailed Monitoring Report.
Server Audit & Maintenance with Report.
Server Patching & Updates.
Security, Vulnerability & Virus Scans.

The Maintain & Monitor plan includes an additional $10 setup fee, which is only for the first month of signup and one time only.

24x7 Virtuozzo Monitoring

We understand you can't be online 24x7 to keep watch on your Virtuozzo server, and that's why our "Maintain & Monitor" plan also included the 24x7 Virtuozzo server monitoring service with no additional charge. Our team will watch over your Virtuozzo server day and night.

Virtuozzo Monitoring

Virtuozzo VM Maintenance Pricing

Send a quote request below, and let the experts monitor, update and maintain your Virtuozzo Virtual Machines.

Select the type and the total number of Virtuozzo Virtual Machines
Select the Required Features
Let us know how you are currently managing/maintaining the VMs?
How did you discover ServerHealers?

Plan Briefing Under 90 Seconds!

Listen to this AI-generated Virtuozzo Consulting plan briefing if you still have any doubts or if in a hurry. This will only take under 90 seconds!

Virtuozzo Consulting | FAQ

Most frequently asked questions about our Virtuozzo Consulting Plan | Read more frequently asked questions

Login to SH customer control panel > Services > Select the service > Click on the ‘Monitoring Reports’ tab to see and download your monthly monitoring reports.

Login to SH customer control panel > Services > Select the service > Click on the ‘Audit Reports’ tab to see and download your monthly server audit reports.

Exclusive Offers

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Zero Setup Fee

Maintain & Monitor



20% Lifetime Off

Support & Monitor





30% Lifetime Off

Pro Care





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