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Web Hosting Technical Content Writing Service

Technical Content Writing - Why Us?

When you have issues with your teeth, you should see a doctor. But not just any doctor – a Dental Specialist. Same way, come to us if you are looking for web hosting technical content writers because we are specialized in web hosting and all related technologies.

When writing articles for web hosting providers, it’s essential to have access to all tools, servers, and technologies such as cPanel, Plesk, other control panels, AWS console, GCP console, and other cloud consoles, etc. We already have access to all these and more.

We are only and exclusively providing content writing services for web hosts. Since our business is also related to the technology industry, we can write articles more quickly without spending too much time researching and understanding the technical terms.

Blogs and Forums are the best way to prove your expertise regarding the services you are offering. But you also need a manager who can provide technical and in-depth answers to their comments and queries to help you establish authority.

Please start a live chat session if you have any doubts or concerns about our technical content writing service for web hosts.

Why Need Active Blog

Why Need An Active Blog?

If you are a web host, you might have an existing forum or blog site, and if you don’t, you already know that most of the web hosting companies keep their forum and blog active, engaging, and always keep adding new content and tutorials. There are several reasons why you should create and maintain an active blog.

SEO Benefits

If you know how SEO works, then you already the importance of adding fresh content and how that will help you improve the SEO score. Having more content will also allow you to add more internal links and causing your visitors to spend more time on your website.

Generate Leads

Each blog post is like a sales pitch and will generate new leads. E.g., if you click on any of our blog posts, you can see we are using custom dynamic templates for each category with links to related services, and it is indeed giving us new leads and customers.

More Traffic

Do you want more traffic to your website? The more indexed pages and posts you have, the more opportunities for your content to list on the search engine results page. This will, without doubt, will bring new visitors and more organic website traffic.

Engage Customers

An active blog is a great place where you can engage and interact with your potential customers. If you keep the visitors engaged, it's more likely they will come back to your website more often. Keep the blog active and engaging and turn your visitors into customers.

Establish Authority

Writing in-depth and well-written articles related to your industry is an excellent way of showing your expertise and knowledge related to the services that you are offering. Establish your authority/expertise, and that will, in return, help you gain customer trust.

Generate Backlinks

Backlinks or inbound links are crucial factors that Google algorithms consider for your page ranking. Without an active blog, it'll be challenging for you to generate backlinks, which is a vital part of SEO. It'll also help Google to understand your trustworthiness.

Long-term Results

It might take some time and effort to write articles and to maintain a quality blog. But what you need to understand is that the blogs you write today will generate traffic for months and years to come. Post quality content and enjoy the long-term benefits.

Helps Social Media

We are living in the era of Social Media. If it's getting hard for you to find relevant content for your social media posts to keep your social media followers engaged and connected to your business, then it's time you start an active blog, which can help.

Reduce Support Requests

Suppose you have all the necessary knowledgebase articles and blog posts to help your customers understand your product and services. That will significantly reduce the support requests because customers will be able to self-service most of the time.

Content Writing Service Delivery Process

When you are ready to proceed with the 24×7 Shared Plan, the following are the onboarding stages.

Understand Needs

Our team will contact you to know if you have an existing blog; the number of articles you will need from us; if it is for one time, or looking for a subscription; if you want us to log in to your blog application and publish the article for you, etc. We'll also check your other requirements and expectations.

Select Plan Type

If you are looking for a one-time service, we'll let you know the time we'll need to complete the project and the pricing. We'll proceed further and will deliver the articles on time. If you are looking for a subscription, we'll also ask you to choose a date, and we'll deliver the articles every month on that date.

Service Delivery

We can email you the articles or upload them to any preferred cloud storage or via other options. If you mentioned any specific file format or font to use, then the articles will be delivered in that format. We can publish the articles if you have provided login details and the publishing guidelines.

After Sales Support

We provide 30 days after sales support if you are not satisfied with any of the articles or want us to make any changes. All you need to do is - send us an email with the article name, the date we delivered the service, and the details of changes or modifications you want us to make.

Plan Briefing Under 90 Seconds!

Listen to this AI-generated briefing if you still have any doubts or if in a hurry. This will only take under 90 seconds!

Technical Content Writing | FAQ

Most frequently asked questions about our Technical Content Writing Services | Read more frequently asked questions

It’ll take 10-30 days and depends on the number of articles you ordered and the type of articles. We’ll review your request, and we’ll let you know an estimated delivery date in advance.

You are most welcome to suggest the topics. But suppose you are busy with other areas of business and want us to handle everything. In that case, we can review your website and write articles based on the technologies and services you are offering and your industry.

We do provide 30 days after-sales support. Please send us an email with the article name, the service delivery date, and let us know what changes you want us to make. We’ll correct the article for you with no additional charge.

Yes, you can. Once you purchase the articles from us, it is yours, and you can publish that on your website or resell them if you want.

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