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WordPress 24x7 Monitoring Health Checkup Service Report Plugin Update Cloud Backups Security Scan Staging  Site Theme Update Self-Servicing 24x7 Support Core Update

24x7 Monitoring Health Checkup Service Report Plugin Update Cloud Backups Security Scan Staging  Site Theme Update Self-Servicing 24x7 Support Core Update

All these for $39 per month!​

WordPress Management Services, WordPress Maintenance

Why Our WordPress Website Maintenance Plan?

Want to know why we are the best WordPress Website Management and WordPress Maintenance Company?

Monthly WordPress Maintenance

Monthly WordPress Maintenance

This $39 plan is the ultimate WordPress Management Plan covering all your WordPress maintenance and related concerns. Including security, reports, backup, your site’s reliability, updates, and many more.

We maintain, secure, backup and support your WordPress website 24x7!

Once you signup, never worry about your WordPress website again! We will take care of your WordPress website while you focus on building your business. You can contact us whenever you need any help, and our support team is available 24x7 via email and live chat. Get real WordPress support from real people!

WordPress Support Plan Features

We know how important is the website for your business. That is why we designed an ultimate and ALL-IN-ONE WordPress plan with the most advanced features and solutions. We are giving you the features we are using on our own WordPress websites, including this one and we hope that says it all about the quality of this service.

Self-Service Portal

We do have a 24x7 WordPress support team working, and you can contact our team anytime. You can also use our self-service portal, and from there, you can do most of the tasks on your own, including backup restore and much more.

WordPress Plan Features

Secure Offsite Cloud Backups

Our system will automatically generate and store your WordPress backup in a secured cloud location every 24 hours. One year of backup will be available for you to restore anytime. Our system will also create a separate backup before each plugin, theme, and WordPress update. You can also generate backups from the self-service portal if needed.

WordPress Staging Website

You can create WordPress staging websites from your self-service portal. Staging websites are exact duplicates of your production website with a separate database and URL. If you want to test anything or try a new theme or something, you can test it on the staging website, and if you are satisfied, you can push those changes to the production website with just a click of a button.

Monthly Service Report

Each month, you will get a detailed WordPress service report with the details of tasks and updates that we performed on your WordPress website and the WordPress scan and health details.

WordPress Core Update

Our system will alert us when a new WordPress core update is available. We'll then review and perform the upgrade; after taking a WordPress backup. We'll keep your WordPress updates and with the latest core.

24x7 WordPress Monitoring

We have a custom and most advanced monitoring system here for WordPress monitoring, and it's the same system that we are using to monitor servers, cloud, and data centers. This system also has a monitoring team working 24x7. Nothing will go unnoticed.

WordPress Plugin Updates

Are you using a lot of WordPress plugins and worried about the plugin update process? Leave that to us. Our experts will do the WordPress plugin updates for you, and if something is wrong or any bugs with the plugin update, we can also help you revert the changes within no time.

WordPress Theme Updates

Theme update is also something you need to do with extra care because it might also cause compatibility issues with existing plugins, WordPress core, or codes that you are using. Our WordPress experts will handle the Theme update for you with extra care.

24x7 WordPress Support Availability

We have a team of WordPress specialists on standby and available 24x7, day and night. You can reach our WordPress management team anytime via email or live chat if you find any issues with your business-critical WordPress website, and our WordPress team will help you resolve them.

WordPress Health Checkup

Our WordPress maintenance system has inbuilt tools to check your WordPress health. We will provide you advice based on this, and you can also see WordPress health details in our monthly reports.

Complete WordPress Security

We use Sucuri tools and solutions to scan your WordPress website weekly to ensure your website has no malware or infections and no other security issues that you need to worry about. Your website will be safe and protected.

Feel free to reach our WordPress team anytime if you need any assistance or doubts with your self-service portal.

WordPress Maintenance Service Work Flow

The following infographic timeline will give you an idea about the process and everything behind the scene once you place a WordPress website management order.

Once you order the WordPress Management Plan, our WordPress experts will manually review the website accessibility and other details. We'll then install our WordPress management plugin on your website. ( Our team will use this same plugin to access your WordPress website and not by using the password. This method is also the most secure way to access your WordPress website. ) We'll then set up the WordPress backup and will add your WordPress site to our monitoring system. Our executive team will review everything and will activate the WordPress plan once all is done.
The WordPress Healing
You will receive a plan activation email once the WordPress Maintenance service is active. From that moment, your WordPress website will be under our protection and care. Our team will actively monitor your website and will perform everything mentioned under the WordPress plan features section. From this point, you can stop worrying about your WordPress website, and our WordPress experts will take care of everything for you.
Our system will send you monthly monitoring and WordPress maintenance report with all detailed information. You can see website uptime, plugins, themes, WordPress core that we updated, security scan details, backup details, and much more. The report will also include the name of the staff that handled the updates and management. Please get in touch with us if you want to see sample reports.
We do have an option for our customers to reach our executives if you expect more from us or need additional features or if you have any suggestions. We'll review all this in detail, and nothing will go ignored.

Once we approve the plan, you will get an activation email with all the necessary info to get you started.

WordPress plan briefing in under 90 seconds!

Listen to this AI-generated WordPress plan briefing if you still have any doubts or if in a hurry. This will only take under 90 seconds!

WordPress Management Service | FAQ

Most frequently asked questions about our WordPress Management Services | Read more frequently asked questions

We think it’s better to show you a website that we developed using WordPress than talk about our WordPress skills and experience. This website is an example. The ServerHealers website is built using WordPress, and our in-house team did all the development and design works. You can already see it is not a regular WordPress website and using many unique features and custom-developed tools. So, we hope this will answer your question. Your WordPress website is in safe hands.

There is a 100Gb size limit. Our backup method is incremental ( including for database backups ). The incremental backup method means our system will copy only the data that has changed since the last backup operation. This is a very efficient method and requires very little disk space than traditional backup methods. Because of this, 100Gb is more than enough to store a normal WordPress website backup for years.
If you somehow reach this 100Gb limit ( We’ll contact you to inform you that. ), you have two options: You can purchase an additional 50Gb for $5 per month. Or you can ask us to delete all the backups ( partial deletion is not possible ) and start fresh.

We do not support WordPress Multisite at this point.

Of course, we can! Our experts are online and available 24×7 for your assistance. All you need to do is – ask!

You can create or restore the WordPress backups from the self-service portal. You can also ask us to do that for you if needed.

It’s a monthly plan, and you can cancel anytime if you are not satisfied. There are no long-term contracts.

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