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Our technicians are well trained and certified in different and major areas of web hosting tools and technologies.

Free Trial


24×7 shared support plan is absolutely free for three days. No credit card or other details are required!

24x7 Support


We provide outsourced web hosting support services 24/7/365, day and night, and round the clock.

ServerHealers Custom Plans


Custom plan options are available if you don’t find a suitable plan or service. Talk to us if you are looking for one.

White Label Support Services


Whitelabel support has many advantages, and with us, you will also get that same in-house support team experience.

ServerHealers Support Quality


Our quality assurance team will make sure you are always getting superior service, and our techs are giving you the 100%.

The Uber Model Web Hosting Business

We all know how Uber changed the world with just an app and an exceptional business model. They don’t own the cars, inventory, don’t directly hire the drivers, and use all that money to develop, improve their technology, marketing, and branding. We can help you build a Web Hosting Business with this same business model. We can provide skilled remote staff, manage your social media, write blog posts, manage forums, etc. We have all the resources here, and that’s for a low price. While we do the hard part, you can concentrate on building your technology and use that extra money for marketing, branding, etc.

Choose Your Web Hosting Support Plan

24x7 Shared Plan

24x7 Shared Web Hosting Support Plan is ideal for small or medium web hosting providers with a simple infrastructure setup and low volume of tickets.

24x7 Shared Support Plan

Our 24×7 Shared Web Hosting Support Team will get notifications when your customer opens a support ticket. We’ll then log in to your help desk app, handle customer concerns, fix issues, and make sure your customers are always happy and satisfied with the solutions provided.

Web Hosting Shared Technical Support Plan

Choose Shared Support?

Consider our 24×7 Shared Plan if your requirements match the following.

24x7 Shared Plan Onboarding Process

When you are ready to proceed with the 24×7 Shared Plan, the following are the onboarding stages.

Understand Requirements

Our executive members will get in touch with you via voice, video, chat, email, or in-person if possible to understand your exact support requirements, technologies you want us to manage, type of business, and how we can help, etc.

The Free Trial

If you are eligible for the free trial, we'll guide you to connect your helpdesk platform with our in-house ticket notification and management tools. We'll then ask you for the required details and start the free trial as soon as possible.

Select The Right Plan

After the free trial, we'll get an idea of your platform, ticket/chat inflow, etc. You will also get enough time to review our support quality, response time, etc. If you are fully satisfied with the support received, together, we can choose the right plan.


So, now you know your plan. You'll need to read and agree to our TOS and policies and signup with the selected plan. That's it! We'll always be here for you and make sure you are always getting quality support and satisfied with our service.

Plan Briefing Under 90 Seconds!

Listen to this AI-generated briefing if you still have any doubts or if in a hurry. This will only take under 90 seconds!

Outsourced Web Hosting Support | FAQ

Most frequently asked questions about our Web Hosting Support and Staffing Solutions | Read more frequently asked questions

We are in this business for a long time, and we already have all the required modern and enterprise-level security measures in place. All our communication channels and methods are encrypted. In addition to that, we are also GDPR and CCPA compliant. Your data is safe with us.

More Details: Data Processing Agreement, Privacy Policy

White label support means we’ll be providing support and services with your branding and not ours. Your customers will think that your local team is providing support.

More details: White Label Support

You only need to pay monthly, and you may cancel the plan with a 60 days notice period.

Shared Support Plan: There will be a three-day free trial for the shared support plan, and if you are satisfied with the service, we can start immediately.

Dedicated Staffing: We can start immediately if we already have someone available in our team that matches your requirements.
If we don’t have a match, we’ll schedule interviews and shortlist a matching candidate within one week. The start date might vary if that selected person is currently employed, but we’ll try everything possible to speed up the process.

Value-Added Services

ServerHealers is truly a one-stop solution for everything you'll ever need to run a successful web hosting business and it's not limited to outsourced web hosting technical support and staffing services.

Choose Your Web Hosting Support Plan

Please scroll down and listen to the briefing or contact us if you have any doubts or concerns.

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