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Certified Linux Experts

Certified Linux Experts

Experienced, Skilled, Qualified, and Certified Technicians are the x-factor that made us one of the best in the industry.

Our Linux Experts have Red Hat certifications and years of experience working with all areas and flavors of Linux.

Linux Server Maintenance

Without proper maintenance, your Linux Server will most likely become a target for online attacks. A monthly server audit and maintenance will also further improve server performance and reliability.

You can also choose either the monthly "Maintain & Monitor" plan or the one-time "Pro Service" plan. The "Maintain & Monitor" plan includes an automated detailed monthly server audit with the scan report.

Get one-time support or monthly Linux server maintenance and monitoring from experienced Linux Experts!

Managed Linux Server

Choose Your Linux Management Plan

We have Linux Management Plans that suit all your requirements. One-time plan or a monthly Linux maintenance plan. You may also contact our 24×7 support team if any doubts, and we are more than happy to assist.

Pro Service

Right plan if you need our assistance with a one-time task or service and don't want a monthly subscription plan. Only pay for the task. Get special discounts for existing customers and for long-term projects.

Pay for the task. Subscription not needed.
Work Report After Task Completion.
Email and Chat Support Channels.
30 days after-sales support and assistance.
Get special discounts if existing customer.
Get Special Discounts for Long-term Projects.

Maintain & Monitor

Monthly Maintenance + 24x7 Host & Six Essential Services Monitoring





24x7 Linux Server Uptime Monitoring.
24x7 Linux Essential Services Monitoring.
Initial Linux Server Hardening.
Human Review & Response to Alerts.
Monthly Detailed Monitoring Report.
Server Audit & Maintenance with Report.
Server Patching & Updates.
Security, Vulnerability & Virus Scans.

The Maintain & Monitor plan includes an additional $10 setup fee, which is only for the first month of signup and one time only.

Linux Server Monitoring

Linux Server Monitoring

Our Linux Maintain & Monitor Subscription Plan includes 24x7 Linux Server Monitoring at no additional cost. Our team will monitor your host and six other vital services 24x7.

Linux Server Uptime Monitoring

We'll get alerts if your Linux system is down for more than 5mins. Our certified experts will immediately access your server and will start working on it. FYI: We can even contact your data center if required.

Linux Disk Usage Monitoring

Our customized monitoring system will periodically check all your mounted partitions and will alert us if disk usage is critical.

Linux CPU Load Monitoring

Our monitoring team will get notifications from our system if your CPU usage is high, and we'll start working on it.

Linux Memory Usage Monitoring

If your RAM usage is critical, our Linux admins will get alerts, and we'll check what is causing it and take care of the issue.

Linux Mail Queue Monitoring

Our 24x7 Linux monitoring system will alert us if your mail queue status is critical. Our admins will review it within no time and will find a solution.

Linux MariaDB/MySQL Monitoring

We'll know if something is wrong with your MySQL or MariaDB server. Once we get the alert, our team will fix the issues with your database server.

Linux Web Server Monitoring

Our system will detect and will alert us of any issues with your web server. Our experts will immediately log in to your server and will start the troubleshooting.

We can monitor additional services, applications, or websites other than what is already included in the plan with an extra charge.

Monthly Linux Management Plan Workflow

Most of our plan ordering and activation process is automated, and our procedures are straightforward, faster, and secured.

Once you order the Linux Maintain & Monitor Plan, our Linux team will manually review your order details, server accessibility, provided notes, and other information. Our experts will also check the monitoring connectivity and connection with our automation platform. Once activated we'll start to watch over your server via our 24x7 monitoring system.
Our monitoring system will alert you if something is wrong with your servers. We'll do what is necessary and will inform you of the details via email. We'll also perform monthly audits and scans and will send you the detailed reports of that also. You can also opt-in for a monthly monitoring PDF report and which is a free addon.
We always welcome suggestions and new ideas. You can contact our executive team anytime, and this is how we evolve and keep up with your expectations.

Once we approve your Linux plan, you will get a plan activation email with all information and details.

Plan Briefing Under 90 Seconds!

Listen to this AI-generated briefing if you still have any doubts or if in a hurry. This will only take under 90 seconds!

Linux Management Service | FAQ

Most frequently asked questions about our Linux Management Services | Read more frequently asked questions

Please review “2.3. Response times” section on our SLA page.

There is a $10 setup fee for the Linux “Maintain & Monitor” plan.

Scans will be performed once every week.

There is no lock-in, and you only have to pay monthly and can cancel anytime.

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