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Seamless Windows workload migration solutions to your preferred cloud platform. With the help of our Windows experts, Windows on cloud is no longer a task you need to worry about.

Windows on Cloud, Windows Workload on Cloud

Windows on Cloud Migration Workflow

Please check our Windows on Cloud migration procedures and steps. This will give you an insight into exactly what we are going to do as part of Windows migration. Feel free to reach us if you have any doubts or concerns about this or custom Windows Workload on Cloud migration solutions.

Strategic Migration Planning
Our cloud migration experts will review your current setups, application details, and hosting environments to generate a migration strategy. This review will also give us a comprehensive insight into what needs to be done and the path we need to follow, and we'll plan the Windows to Cloud migration accordingly.
Review Licensing Requirements
It is important to review the licenses before the migration process. We'll review and generate a list of licenses you are currently using, what licenses that you can move to the cloud. Also, list of application/product licenses you will need to purchase as part of migration if required.
Review Compliance Requirements
In this step, we'll check if you hold any certificate of compliance. ( Eg; HIPAA ) and any compliance requirements. If you have, then we'll plan the migration to meet up with the compliance standards.
Check Multicloud / Hybrid Cloud Possibilities
We'll check with you if you prefer a Multicloud or single cloud strategy. We'll also check with your to see if there is a requirement for Hybrid Cloud. After a discussion, we can decide on a strategy that best suits your needs and requirements.
Choose the Right Cloud Provider / Providers
There are several cloud providers that you can choose from. If we are proceeding with a Multicloud approach, then we'll need to select multiple cloud providers. Our migration experts will suggest the best providers for your requirements, and you can also let us know if you have any suggestions or preferences. We'll proceed to the next step once we finalize the cloud provider/providers.

Few providers that you can consider:
Windows Server on Azure
Windows on AWS
Microsoft and Windows on Google Cloud
Microsoft Applications to Oracle Cloud
IBM Cloud - Windows Server Hosting

Cloud Cost Optimization
Cloud optimization is something we need to plan before we migrate the Windows workloads. We'll need to select the best instance types, storage classes, etc. Please check our Cloud Cost Optimization page to know more about this process.
Application Modernization
You will get the most modern and latest Windows applications and solutions from major cloud providers. We'll help you upgrade your legacy applications to the latest versions available in the cloud as part of the migration. It's also when we can check possibilities to adapt to the DevSecOps and application lifecycle management methodologies.
Adapt to Managed Solutions
We can check possibilities to leverage the cloud provider's managed services. In most cases, adapting to the managed solutions will reduce the overall cost and the operational burden of managing your Windows applications.
Monitoring and Support Services
We can provide you 24x7 Windows monitoring and support services if it is a production environment and if you are looking for a team to maintain and secure the environment continuously. Please contact us to know more.

Please reach us if you have any doubts regarding any of our Windows on Cloud Migration procedures.

Cloud Migration Strategies

Please check our Cloud Migration page, and there you can see the detailed cloud migration strategies that we are following.

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Windows Workload on Cloud | FAQ

Most frequently asked questions about our Windows on Cloud plan | Read more frequently asked questions

Multi-cloud has many benefits, but in some situations, it is better to stick with a single cloud provider. After the initial reviews, we’ll let you know which works better for you.

We’ll only switch the DNS and shift the traffic to the new environment after ensuring all is in order and confirming the same. There might be a slight delay with the DNS switching process, but other than that, there won’t be other reasons for downtime in normal circumstances.

We sure can! We are server and cloud management experts. We can manage your cloud infrastructure and also can provide 24×7 monitoring. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to know more.

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