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Our DevOps Consulting and DevSecOps Services can improve your software development process by integrating automation, CI/CD practices across all leading cloud platforms.

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We can provide you all DevOps, ITOps, and DevSecOps services and related solutions with a fast turnaround time. Our DevSecOps experts have hands-on experience with almost all DevSecOps tools, and you can see some listed below. If you are a developer or an organization with a development team and looking for an experienced operations team, you are in the right place!

DevSecOps Consulting

DevSecOps is an extension of Agile. If you are still following legacy software development practices and looking for DevSecOps experts to help you modernize your application delivery process or workflow. In that case, this DevSecOps Consulting service is for you! We can review your current practices and advise or implement automation and DevSecOps practices that vastly improve your operational efficiency and app deployment quality.

CI/CD Pipeline

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery/deployment (CD) is a culture or set of software engineering and deployment practices. As part of this service, we can help you implement continuous development, continuous testing, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and continuous monitoring of your application or software using tools such as Jenkins, GitHub, and DevSecOps best practices.

Configuration Management/Automation

Using DevSecOps configuration management tools such as Ansible, we can automate your container environment creation, Infrastructure, networks, applications, and repetitive tasks/configurations. We can also create necessary playbooks, cookbooks, or other automation scripts as per your needs and requirements. We’ll also do all the required testing and security practices before delivering the scripts to you with a detailed description of the working and functionalities.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

With Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools such as “Terraform“, we can automate the provisioning of infrastructure ( virtual machines, network, load balancers, etc. ) in a descriptive code model. IaC is also part of DevSecOps CI/CD pipeline and will solve problems such as environment drift and will also provision and de-provision required infrastructure automatically and as part of the CI/CD pipeline. Please check our Terraform Consulting page to know more about Infrastructure as Code (IaC) service.

Logging and Monitoring

Monitoring, logging, auditing, and alerting of infrastructure is a critical part of software development and any ITOps related operations. We can provide you custom Logging and Monitoring solutions and can integrate the same into your existing infrastructure and code pipeline. We can also provide you a 24×7 monitoring team if required, and our team can monitor your infrastructure as per your requirements.

Hire DevSecOps Engineers

You can hire talented and experienced DevSecOps engineers from us, permanently or temporarily. We have techs with years of experience in all areas of DevSecOps, Cloud, Automation, and ITOps. Please check our “Dedicated Staff” plan, and there you can see our staff onboarding stages and other dedicated staffing services. We can also provide you custom staffing solutions as per your needs and requirements.

DevSecOps is an evolved set of practices from DevOps. DevSecOps integrates security as a shared responsibility with the Dev and Ops sections.

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