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Our logo, illustrations, color, and everything you see on our website are carefully crafted and selected and have a backstory, purpose, or reason. Here you can also see downloadable versions of our brand materials.

ServerHealers Logo Icon

ServerHealers Logos

If you look at our logo, you can see two isometric pieces trying to connect and become whole again. This denotes two pieces of a server and a server healing process in progress. Once connected or healed, it’ll become the server as it once was. You can also see an “S,” and if you look closely, you can also see an “H” in our logo as in “ServerHealers.”

Full-Size Logo for Dark Background

ServerHealers-Logo Full White Background

Full-Size Logo for White Background

Please get in touch with us if you need the logo in different sizes or formats and mention the purpose.

Brand Colors

SH Green

RGB: 0,183,131
HEX: 00B783

SH Green Light

RGB: 2,236,190

SH Blue

RGB: 0,185,255

SH Blue Dark

RGB: 20,105,251
HEX: 1469FB

BG Blue

RGB: 19,10,55
HEX: 130A37

BG Blue Light

RGB: 26,33,98
HEX: 1A2162

BG Blue Highlight

RGB: 45,19,149
HEX: 2D1395

Our primary logo colors are green and blue. If you remember the old ServerHealers V1 website, logo, and colors, it used only the combinations of green and white as background. We chose green as the base color at that time to denote the healing and healing process. So, the green color in our logo denotes the previous ServerHealers version and everything we once were. In the ServerHealers V2, we added additional services and focused on Cloud and DevOps-related technologies. What other color can symbolize Cloud technologies better than blue! So, green denotes the old us, and blue indicates the new changes and additions.

There is also a reason why we chose a dark blue or a type of dark violet as our primary background color. Black color indicates night, and white as morning hours. But we are a 24×7 working company, and this color indicates a time in-between morning and night.

You might also notice that we are not using our branding colors in the services pages if the service is related to another brand. E.g., cPanel Server Management or DigitalOcean Management. We use cPanel and DigitalOcean‘s branding colors there. This is an unconventional method, and we might be the only company doing this. To understand why we are doing this, you need to imagine ServerHealers as a shopping mall for web hosting companies and cloud or server owners. You will see ServerHealers branding colors and elements in our pages and the services that we are offering. But if you go to a service page related to a product or service of another company, you will see that brand’s colors and design elements, just as in brand stores in any shopping mall.

Our Name

ServerHealers is our brand name and which is one word – spelled with a Big “S” and “H.”

ServerHealers is a carefully chosen name and you already know the meaning. ServerHealers is the plural of ServerHealer, and we own that domain and rights also. If you check our logo and the two words – SERVER and HEALER, you can see the second letter “E” and the ending letters “ER” are the same in both words. Also, both words are exactly 6 letters long. You can call ServerHealers as SH in short. If you have some basic Unix / Linux knowledge, then you already know what that SH means in Linux, Scripting and Server Administration – Bourne shell

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