cPanel to cPanel Migration: Multiple Domains

cPanel to cPanel Migration multiple domains
This article will help you to migrate multiple domains from one cPanel account to another cPanel account.

Are you having trouble migrating multiple cPanel domains? Don’t worry, here is the official – “cPanel to cPanel Migration – Multiple Domains” guide. Let’s start.

Assume “S” is our source server and “D” is our remote server.

1) Make sure you don’t have any cPanel backups under the “/home” directory in either the “S” or “D” server. If you have, then move it to some other folder.

2) Login to the server “D.”

3) Run the below command.

cat /etc/trueuserdomains | awk '{print $2}' > /home/usrlist

Here what is happening is, you will get all cPanel account names in file “/home/usrlist”.

4) Start a new screen session by running the below command.


( Always use the screen to do long-running tasks. Even if the connection close, it won’t affect the screen session )

5) Run the below command to backup all domains in your system.

for x in $(cat /home/usrlist); do /scripts/pkgacct $x; done

( The above command will take backup of all your domains and put it under the “/home” directory. )

6) Run the below command to move all backups and “usrlist” files to the directory “/home/bck”

cd /home&& mkdir /home/bck&& mv *.tar.gz usrlist /home/bck

7) Use “scp” to move the files under “/home/bck” to the “S” machine. ( It could be a long process. So make sure to run this under “screen” session )

scp -r /home/bck/* root@S machine IP/Hostname:/home

8) After completing the “scp” file transfer, login to the “S” machine

9) Start a “screen” session and run the below command to restore all the backups.

for x in $(cat /home/usrlist); do /scripts/restorepkg $x; done


That’s it!! You have migrated all the domains from the “D” machine to your “S” machine.

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