Script to Automate Clamscan: Easy Steps

script to automate clamscan
ClamAV is an open-source antivirus engine designed for detecting malicious threats. This article will help you to automate Clamscan using script.

Setting up ClamAV cron is an easy task, and a developer called “Stefano Stagnaro” uploaded a great cron script called “clamav-cron” in Google codes that will update ClamAV scan the system and will send a brief report via email. Please follow the below steps to set this.

Go to “/opt” ,download the “clamav-cron” and give execute permission.

cd /opt
wget -O /usr/local/bin/clamav-cronchmod 755 /usr/local/bin/clamav-cron


Open the “/usr/local/bin/clamav-cron” and edit user information.

vim /usr/local/bin/clamav-cron
# Notification email recipient:
CV_MAILTO="your email ID here"
# Notification email secondary recipients:
CV_MAILTO_CC="cc mails here"
# Notification email subject:
CV_SUBJECT="Desired Subject line here"


As you can see, there are several customization options available. You can also add your codes and scan options if required. If you want an email alert each time a scan is complete, make sure you edit and add correct details in the above section. If you don’t want an email alert, make sure you comment “CV_MAILTO, CVMAILTO_CC and “CV_SUBJECT”. This will be using the default system mail function, so this will work without any further modification.

Set a cron job. I’m going to set a cron job to run this task every Saturday at 11.45 PM.

crontab -e


Add the lines at the end.

45 23 * * 6 /usr/local/bin/clamav-cron /


Restart cron service.

/etc/init.d/crond restart


That’s it!! You have set up the ClamAV cron script. This will automate the Clamscan process.

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