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Try Our Outsourced Web Hosting Support Services Free For 5 Days! Try us out at No Risk! See how fast, premium and expert support we are providing!

Do you want to try our service before you purchase a plan from us? Do you want to review the quality of support we are providing? Try our service absolutely free for 5 days. We don’t need your credit card or any other details and it is 100% risk free.

Another good news is that we have three different time slots ( each time slot is 8 hours long. ) and you can choose any of these time slots for the Free Trial. Free Trail is available for all ServerHealers Support Plans.

This is basically how the free trial works – When you contact us for a Free Trial, one of our managers will get back to you. They will ask the details like technologies you use, how many tickets we can expect, Help Desk Software you are using, do we need to provide chat support? , is it L1/L2/L3 issues?..etc They will then prepare a report based on this conversation and will pass the details to our support team. You can then choose the suitable slot and provide us temporary logins to access and manage your desk.

You can also communicate with the team or the shift lead and can pass any suggestions or requirements. We do support all channels of communications including Skype, Email, Phone, Video and Instant Messenger.

After the Free Trial period, we will conduct a meeting with you. You can decide if you want to continue with a paid plan or want to end the service.

Free trial is available for all new customers. But not available if you already tried the support or if you are an existing customer.

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Try Outsourced Web Hosting Support Services Free For 5 Days!

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